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Why the Dating Game is So Complicated

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If you think about all that's involved in dating, having a boyfriend or girlfriend, the dynamics between two people and then all the other people that come and go in our life, you can see that things can get complicated quickly. Many times a breakup will seem pointless, cold, and unnecessary to the person being dumped, but it all comes down to the person's long term belief that the other person can make them happy or not. Often times people are too short sided and don't realize that all relationship have highs, lows, and time in between. If the person you are dating believes that the low represents the future for the two of you, he/she will often break up with you or downgrade the relationship status. It's difficult not to take these things extremely hard and that often results in many people being cautious and afraid to emotionally invest in another person going forward. Though they want to have a boyfriend or girlfriend, they are also afraid of being dumped again in a seemingly out-of-the-blue fashion when it seemed to them that everything was going well. This podcast will discuss those concepts and other reasons why the dating game is so complicated and often takes your heart on an emotional roller coaster. I know it can be very difficult, but if you have been dumped, this podcast will help you understand to a degree what went wrong and might help you avoid taking things too personally.

Everyday I get questions from people asking me why does the dating game have to be so complicated and difficult, why is having a baby with that special someone to put inside a Graco FastAction Fold Click Connect stroller is so difficult, one girl told me her and the guy she was dating were going to a mini trip camping with a tent from Survival Cooking and the day of the trip the guy decided not to show up. People usually get into dating again after a break up, but there some people who just can´t live without that person. If you are asking how to get my ex back, there are experienced coaches out there who can help you get an ex boyfriend or girlfriend back. Check out the podcast below where I explain why you might be having trouble in the dating game.

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