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How To Have Sex With Chicks & Not Get Them Pregnant

Locario at GoProRadio

Oh, hi slut. Here are a few tips for you guys on how to have sex with chicks and not get them pregnant. I've been doing this method for years and so far I have not been invited to the Maury Show, I also do this because I often use different kind of sexual services and escorts from sites like zoomescorts.co.uk, so I met many girls around.

1) First make sure the condom is yours. It must be a condom you purchased. Make sure the condom never leaves your sight. ( I once got a box of condoms, went to a hotel with a girl, & made a mistake and left the condoms on the dresser next to her and then went to the bathroom. I got out the bathroom, threw the condoms away and brought a new pack because I wasn't sure if she might have poked holes in it while I was in the bathroom. Also never use a condom a girl gives you from her own stash of condoms. Those could be tampered with. Always have your own condoms, since they prevent you also in health, with the many diseases there are outside, other way to protect your health is taking supplements like kratom capsules.

2) Put on the condom correctly (If you don't know how look it up)

3) Periodically check the condom while you are having sex with her ( I usually look down at it every 2 to 3 minutes while i'm inside her from missionary and doggy style to make sure it doesn't look like it's about to break)

4) If the girl is on top riding you make sure you reach around and feel to make sure the condom is not slipping off ( I hardly if ever do this position because it's hard for me to see what condition the condom is in)

5) Do not ejaculate inside her. Even though you are wearing a condom still pull out when you are about to ejaculate. Did you know that lasting longer in bed is easy with help of this site lastlongerinbedhelp.com.

6) After you ejaculate, either flush the condom down the toilet or tie the condom in a knot and take it with you and throw it away later when she is not around. Do not leave your condom laying around where she can have access to it.

-Mr. Locario

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